Indian’s first satellite launch vehicle  ( SLV-3 )

   The development of Indian’s first satellite launch vehicle called SLV-3 were initiated in early 1970. It is a four stage vehicle using solid propulsion with a lift-off mass of 17 t having a dia of about 1m. 
To execute the programme the SLV-3 project was constituted during 1972 under the leadership of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam and other team members drawn from various disciplines. It was a fully indigenous effort. 
 A launch station for SLV was developed at Sriharikotta, 75 Km north of Madras in Nellore district. 
 The first attempt to launch SLV-3 was in 1979 carrying 35 Kg Rohini satellite in the low earth orbit but due to minor mal-function of a control thruster, the mission could not be accomplished. 
However, in the second flight of SLV3 during 1980, the Rohini satellite was placed in the orbit making India one of the six nations in the world to develop this technology.

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